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We are business consultants who specialise in IT and Innovation to ensure our clients succeed in a world of accelerated change.
AB Microsystems is a center of innovation in mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT). Our vision is to develop and deliver affordable technical solutions that brings positive impact to mankind. Our research oriented team consistently works on leveraging cutting edge technology in developing faster, reliable and people centric solutions. We help our clients in developing their organizational IoT strategy and collaborate to develop the implementation plan that meets the organizational objective. Our highly skilled IoT experts, design and development engineers ensures the conformance to plan and on time quality delivery. Our business strategist and technical team continues to work with our esteemed clients even after the implementation to ensure that the client’s business objectives are achieved.

In addition to IoT, we also provide consulting, development and support for Custom software development, Systems Integration, Web Development, Mobile Application Development and Business Intelligence solutions.

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IoT Business Consulting

Assessment and Evaluation

The success of an Internet of Things (IoT) implementation depends on the readiness and organizational maturity to embrace IoT. Working through the IoT vision can be challenging. It often involves getting all the stakeholders in the process up to speed with the opportunities offered by IoT technology and how it can be used to enhance products and services. We work closely with our clients in identifying all relevant stakeholders, evaluate the IoT maturity level, and develop the comprehensive roadmap for IoT adoption in alignment with the organizational objective and goals.

Business Systems Architecture

Designing an IoT solution depends on various factors and considerations. We study all those factors and considerations and develop the complete business system architecture to define the organizational IoT framework for building your ecosystem. Our architects focus on features and capabilities without compromising the security considerations, and design the business system architecture with the flexibility of improving and fine tuning as the system matures. Our Systems Engineers and Architects give thorough consideration to Edge code, the necessary Gateway, Cloud platform and Mobile application and develop the best in class system architecture.

System Selection & Validation

We assist our valuable clients in systems and vendor selection in their pursuit to of excellence in IoT initiatives. Whether it is selecting a sensor, a microcontroller, the wireless connectivity or the platform for necessary data analytics, we help our clients in selecting the right technology to achieve the goals of their IoT initiatives. We take a 360 degree view of the system such as accuracy, range, resolution, power consumptions, level of intelligence, security and interoperability to enable informed decision and selection of the systems.

Assessing Regulatory Compliance

Whether it is HIPAA compliance for healthcare systems, or Sarbanes Oxley or other cyber regulatory and security compliance, we evaluate all compliance needs for the desired systems and ensure that the end product conforms to those regulatory compliance.

Website Development

We build websites that you will be proud of! We offer the latest in web technology with exceptional server configuration best suited for your website and hosting plans that suit your budget and requirements. You can rely on us for all of your Linux and Windows Web Hosting or Reseller Hosting needs. We offer both unlimited and limited plans for Windows and Linux hosting that includes web space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, databases, etc., in addition to all types of domain registrations.

We specialize in:

B2B and B2C portals – Enhance business opportunities by interacting with your customers, partners and employees through a single comprehensive information hub.

E-Commerce portals – Pep up your sales and make your online business valuable through cost-effective, easy-to-use online trading systems.

Corporate websites – Strengthen your company’s USP through an impressive comprehensive corporate website.

Website Maintenance – Revamp outdated websites and make sure that your website is always updated and evolves with time to earn better.

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IoT Implementation

Implementation Planning

We develop the complete IoT implementation plan to connect all the necessary organizational assets and systems in the value chain, data collection plan, communication plan, system integration and application development plan to align with business objective and time to market. Even though the potential benefit of IoT is tremendous, if a proper implementation plan is not followed, even a strong IoT strategy will be a failure. We help our client in developing a sound implementation plan that enables realistic yet timely IoT implementation.

System integration

IoT needs to integrate legacy systems, new packaged sub-systems and new connected devices. The over all performance of the systems and its effectiveness is dependent on how well the disparate systems are integrated.  Our systems engineers and architects configure and integrate every systems in the IoT ecology to perfection.

Data analytics and Reporting

The success of IoT implementation is dependent on the ability to collect the data from various devices in real time and efficiently interpret the data. So Data Analytics and Reporting plays a major role in success of IoT.  Our big data partners and data scientists consistently works on efficiently acquiring and storing the data, processing and transformation of the data and providing necessary analytics for business insight.

Application Management

The operational success of an organization is dependent on the effective management of the systems and applications in production environment. We provide complete application management services to manage, maintain and operate your production environment. Our SLA driven AMS methodology ensures 24/7 coverage of your applications and systems. Our AMS methodology emphasize on the best practices and leveraging tools and technology; and our systematic planning ensures smooth transition to steady state.

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