Assessment & Evaluation

The success of an Internet of Things (IoT) implementation depends on the readiness and organizational maturity to embrace IoT. Working through the IoT vision can be challenging. It often involves getting all the stakeholders in the process up to speed with the opportunities offered by IoT technology and how it can be used to enhance products and services. We work closely with our clients in identifying all relevant stakeholders, evaluate the IoT maturity level, and develop the comprehensive roadmap for IoT adoption in alignment with the organizational objective and goals.

Business Systems Architecture

Designing an IoT solution depends on various factors and considerations. We study all those factors and considerations and develop the complete business system architecture to define the organizational IoT framework for building your ecosystem. Our architects focus on features and capabilities without compromising the security considerations, and design the business system architecture with the flexibility of improving and fine tuning as the system matures. Our Systems Engineers and Architects give thorough consideration to Edge code, the necessary Gateway, Cloud platform and Mobile application and develop the best in class system architecture.

System Selection & Validation

We assist our valuable clients in systems and vendor selection in their pursuit to of excellence in IoT initiatives. Whether it is selecting a sensor, a microcontroller, the wireless connectivity or the platform for necessary data analytics, we help our clients in selecting the right technology to achieve the goals of their IoT initiatives. We take a 360 degree view of the system such as accuracy, range, resolution, power consumptions, level of intelligence, security and interoperability to enable informed decision and selection of the systems.

Assessing Regulatory Compliance

Whether it is HIPAA compliance for healthcare systems, or Sarbanes Oxley or other cyber regulatory and security compliance, we evaluate all compliance needs for the desired systems and ensure that the end product conforms to those regulatory compliance.