Implementation Planning

We develop the complete IoT implementation plan to connect all the necessary organizational assets and systems in the value chain, data collection plan, communication plan, system integration and application development plan to align with business objective and time to market. Even though the potential benefit of IoT is tremendous, if a proper implementation plan is not followed, even a strong IoT strategy will be a failure. We help our client in developing a sound implementation plan that enables realistic yet timely IoT implementation.

System integration

IoT needs to integrate legacy systems, new packaged sub-systems and new connected devices. The over all performance of the systems and its effectiveness is dependent on how well the disparate systems are integrated.  Our systems engineers and architects configure and integrate every systems in the IoT ecology to perfection.

Data analytics and Reporting

The success of IoT implementation is dependent on the ability to collect the data from various devices in real time and efficiently interpret the data. So Data Analytics and Reporting plays a major role in success of IoT.  Our big data partners and data scientists consistently works on efficiently acquiring and storing the data, processing and transformation of the data and providing necessary analytics for business insight.